Going once…going twice…SOLD! The excitement and suspense of an auction has universal appeal. So it’s the perfect vehicle for our newest Conundrum Adventure – Auction Fever.


Simple in concept, but sufficiently complex in practice, this in-room adventure challenges your team’s ability to problem solve, make quick decisions, and of course, work effectively together. The objective is simple: outwit and outbid other teams in a series of “closed” and “live” auctions to acquire items with the highest combined worth. However, in practice, teams will be faced with a series of impactful decisions that go well beyond what you’d find in your regular Auction House event.


With the help of our specially designed Auction Fever Apple iPad application and various standard iPad apps, teams will be presented with a diverse and entertaining set of puzzles and challenges related to the auction items at hand. Spotting an incorrect coffee logo might result in acquiring some rare Peruvian civet coffee. Deciphering and humming the notes to a classic 70’s song could net a team a trip to Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp. Building a world class paper airplane might be a team’s ticket to a cool Zero-Gravity airplane flight. (Naturally, in case you were wondering, these items are only “virtually” acquired by teams, but that won’t detract from the excitement of the auction!)


And to make this group activity just a little more interesting, teams will need to interact with some crafty and wealthy Tycoons who will function as both a resource and a foil for teams as they pursue their goal. Unlike our venue and neighborhood based adventures, Auction Fever is not focused on any particular location, so it can be delivered in the comfort of wherever your team meeting is. Don’t yet have a meeting space booked? We can provide some suggested sites that work well with both our adventure and your budget.



You can also add one of our learning programs to augment your adventure making the implicit learning in all of our adventures explicit:



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