Our goal for each and every Conundrum Adventure is to provide an exceptional event that will leave participants talking and benefiting from the experience long after the event has finished. How we deliver on this goal is what differentiates us; the heart of all our adventures is the Conundrums themselves. What exactly is a Conundrum?


conun'drum n. question made puzzling to test ingenuity;

an intricate and challenging problem


The diversity, ingenuity and originality of the conundrums we create allow us to deliver an exceptional event and give us the flexibility to deliver key team building benefits on many levels. We can deliver our core adventures in 3 programs, allowing us to customize both our adventure and facilitation to meet your specific needs.  If you have a specific training focus (ie. Business planning, Project Management or Change Management) check out our specialized team building programs/adventures here.



An exciting and entertaining experiential game that allows groups from 10 - 500 to have fun together.


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The addition of a team debrief to your adventure makes the implicit team learning explicit.


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Pairing our personalities workshop with an adventure is the ideal way to get the most out of your team building day, highlighting both individual and team learning dynamics.

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