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1. How many participants can take part in a Conundrum Adventure?


Our adventures are currently designed to accommodate groups of 8 to 500 people.


2. What should participants wear?


Our adventures are corporate training activities that exercise both mind and body. For the mind, we recommend participants wear their best thinking cap. For the body, we recommend comfortable walking shoes and seasonal clothing since our outdoor adventures take participants throughout the city and involve a fair amount of walking.


3. For outdoor adventures What happens if it rains?


We constantly put pressure on meteorologists to provide good weather, but if they don't comply, the best option is to substitute umbrellas for sunscreen and proceed with the event as scheduled. Having run adventures in the rain, we can honestly say that participants still return with smiles on their faces! If the weather is really foul, we can discuss alternative options.


4. What about Canadian winters?


In our experience, teams come together and quickly "bond" to face the challenge of adverse weather. However, for those who do not relish a breathtaking outdoor adventure in Arctic temperatures, we recommend one of our indoor adventures.


5. Are the adventures physically challenging?


Unlike some other teambuilding games, our adventures are designed to test brains, not brawn, and quick thinking, not quick feet. There are no physical challenges involved, but for our outdoor and venue based adventures there is some physical activity involved - a regular length event involves about 1.5 - 2 hours of walking, but how fast you walk is up to you!


6. What do participants need to bring?


Virtually nothing! Conundrum Adventures provides all the materials you need. For outdoor and venue based adventures come prepared in comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate attire and we’ll take care of the rest.


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