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Team Building Skills - #2 – Speak up More!

Improving teams is primarily about setting up the right environment for teams to be successful and helping individuals become better team members. To support this effort, I’m listing the key areas individuals can improve their team skills.

If you have no issue speaking up and always like to be the first to talk then please have a read at the #1 area people need to improve, in a previous post. If you do however, like to hold back and let the group talk first then you also need to push yourself to change.

Although listening is a great skill, if you always wait to hear what the group has to say before voicing your opinion you likely are not contributing as much to your team as you could be. It’s operating in the extreme that is the problem. If your natural tendency is to wait till there is a break in the conversation, you need to push through this preference. I’m not suggesting you start talking over others and not being respectful of their opportunity to speak, however, others in the group are likely comfortable being more forceful with their options’.

You need to ensure you receive your own time in the spotlight, to help guide the team to where you believe they should go. A natural team tendency is to take the initial ideas, not pushing yourself to offer up your perspective first can rob the team of your insights and perspectives. Its harder to get a team to change focus than it is to set the focus in the first place.


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