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Augmenting the core adventure with a team debrief is a great way to keep the focus on having fun together but really taking advantage of the team learning that can be gleaned from the experience. This ½-day program amplifies the excitement of our core adventure, and delivers a more explicit focus on team behaviour, dynamics, and learning, in addition to developing team building skills for success.


The event starts with a brief discussion on the key dimensions of highly successful teams and asks each participant to reflect on their own individual strengths and challenges when working on a team. The adventure then becomes the experiential learning to see the theory of successful teams in action.


While on the adventure, teams will be presented with conundrums that are specifically designed to help foster collaboration and creative problem solving. The structure of our adventures will also demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of teamwork, engaging your team in planning, decision-making and time management, as well as emphasizing the importance of effective communication skills.


Conundrum facilitators conclude the event with a facilitated discussion, prompting participants to evaluate their team’s dynamics and contemplate what it takes to work effectively as a team, what it means to be a positive team contributor, and most importantly, how to apply this learning back to their work environments.

If you have selected an outdoor or venue based adventure, the group does need a private meeting space to host your team for pre and post team discussion. If you are looking for a location we have comprised a list of team building friendly establishments for each of our routes.




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