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Our REVEAL adventure is built around our special brand of puzzle challenges but adds a technological twist! You'll experience a vast array of team challenges that require not only smarts, but also heaps of creativity, spontaneity, and moxie. 

In this dynamic adventure, teams need to be prepared for the unexpected: with our "real time" challenge feature, new challenges are released during the event, keeping teams on their toes, prompting them to continuously re-evaluate their priorities and game plan.

We've amped up the entertainment quotient with this adventure, with creative team photos and videos that will garner a lot of shared laughs and play a large role in determining which team emerges as REVEAL champion.

Looking for a location to conclude your adventure, check out this list of available locations.

Fun, engaging, active, using different parts of your brain and running around too! 

I enjoyed the competitive aspect of the event and also the opportunity to connect socially.

It was great to be outside exploring the city during the adventure.



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