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Calgary, did you know your vibrant city of quadrants is also an intriguing city of conundrums?


Our downtown team building activities highlight many of Calgary’s most famous features, but also exposes some of its hidden gems. As your staff navigates through their adventure route, not only will they get to know their city better, but also get a better understanding of each other’s talents and strengths.


What will your team’s Calgary adventure entail? Teams will tackle a variety of puzzles and challenges that test a broad range of team skill sets including ingenuity, decision making, and communication abilities. Although they won’t be asked to wrestle a steer, or steer a bobsled, teams may need to help a cowboy find his missing boot, discover some new uses for oil, or invent a futuristic sport that should be part of Calgary’s next winter Olympic Games.


Your team’s Conundrum event will add up to a fun shared experience that will be remembered long after the last conundrum solution has been revealed!


Need a spot to kick-off your adventure or hold some pre/post adventure meetings? We've consolidated a list of restaurants and meeting locations in the Downtown Core to help make planning your team event even easier.


Fun, engaging, active, using different parts of your brain and running around too! 


I enjoyed the competitive aspect of the event and also the opportunity to connect socially.


It was great to be outside exploring the city during the adventure.



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