I wanted to send a thank you to the Conundrum team for an excellent experience on behalf of the entire CBRE VAS team.


From my first inquiry to the follow up after our event was over our experience with Lynn and team is best described as effortless.   


The feedback from the team has been tremendous and incudes:


“Best team building event I have ever attended”

“After completing the conundrum challenge it really resonated with me that I could have not done that alone – that I needed the team”

“The True Colors workshop was by far the best one I have attended and I took away a better understanding of myself and others and how to communicate better”


This program is by far the best offered out there.  It hit all of our targets – better understanding of how one personally communicates, how others communicate, and the importance of teamwork and how it can create better results for everyone.

We brought in over 60 professionals from across Canada – many of whom had never met before and Conundrum gave them the opportunity to spend the afternoon together and in the AGO no less! to create a fun working experience.


Needless to say our dinner that evening was filled with lots of chatter and laughter and above all comradery and lots of new relationships have been formed.


This event will be talked about for years to come.

Angela Taylor
Office Operations Manager | CBRE Limited



Conundrum Adventures was the perfect fit for our team building exercise.  The course was very well planned out and gave each team a choice on how to complete it which made it even more fun.  The Conundrum team was very well organized and prepared for our large group especially the actors whom we all enjoyed!  Thanks Conundrum, we look forward to working with you again!

Joanna Drukin

Glenworth Financial


We had a wonderful experience with Conundrum Adventures.  We learned a lot about the town of Oakville (i.e. have never seen that white, fancy, carved out, wooden bench before!) and just enjoyed a relaxing, but fun-filled afternoon working out the challenges, bumping into each other along the way and laughing with each other as we tried to keep everything secret from the other teams!  


The Conundrum staff were excellent in their various roles and kept us guessing while being fair to each team.  The challenges were organized very well and included for us a lot of searching, reading, observing, listening and running around as fast as we could to beat the deadline back to the starting point.  All in all, it was a great team-building adventure and one we would certainly recommend to others as well as participate in again.

Paddy Jewell PwC

Tax Services


A terrific learning experience for Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)!


I would like to thank Conundrum Adventures for providing my colleagues at the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) with a well-organized, memorable team building event. Conundrum Adventures’ Lynn efficiently organized us into small groups and gave each team the information and materials necessary to compete in a Royal Ontario Museum-wide scavenger hunt. Each team had to quickly organize a plan of attack, pool expertise, gather knowledge and capitalize on the best in each and every member. Everyone rose to the challenge and had a lot of fun along the way. It was a great firsthand lesson in the dynamics of teamwork.


The following are highlights of the exceptional feedback we received from this event:



“Getting to know and interact with [team] members I don't normally work closely with.”

“Everyone had an opportunity to participate, since the trivia was not focused on one set of skills or knowledge. There were games on history, math, memory…”

“Working as a team, and having fun. We didn't win the game, not by a long shot, but we worked on it together and had fun while doing it!”

“The wrap-up was a good way to bring it all together and make it a learning experience.”


Thank you to Conundrum Adventures for their creative approach to team building and for organizing an extraordinary event for my colleagues.

Victoria Hubbell

Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan



"Our experience was fantastic! We had a great day. We had a lot of fun participating in our Conundrum Adventure and definitely learned a lot in the process. The event was a unique way to get to know our colleagues better. Thank you for running this memorable team building event." Thank you!

Karine Poirier-Bérubé
Ressources humaines et Développement des compétences Canada | Human Resources and Skills Development Canada


"After experiencing the Downtown London Adventure, I would describe Conundrum as a very unique team building resource that creates camaraderie between co-workers!  My goal when researching team building activities for my group was to find something that was different...something that would be a first for everyone involved....this goal was certainly achieved as soon as we hit the streets of downtown London!!  Our adventure was captivating for my entire group, which included a variety of roles, personalities and backgrounds!!  I loved seeing the friendly competition that was happening between the teams!!!  Overall, my expectations were exceeded and I would highly recommend Conundrum!!  Thank you for a fun and memorable day!!!" 

Jackie Smith  

RBC Royal Bank


Conundrum Adventures was such a pleasure to work with and made organizing our staff team building event a breeze.  We absolutely loved the creative challenges around the city and would highly recommend this event and company to other.  Great work Conundrum and thanks for making our event so memorable.

Stephenie Summerhill

International Federation of Accountants


I just wanted to let you know how much our group enjoyed the Auction Fever activity. I was so impressed with the ingenuity of the game itself, and the professionalism (and fun!) with which it was carried out. I also really appreciate everything that you did to make this an effortless activity for our planning committee to bring to our table. We’ve received many kudos which should all go to you and your amazing team!

Here is a sample of some of the more interesting comments:


“Best team building event so far.”

“I genuinely enjoyed this activity! I loved that it really did encourage team participation, and the puzzles and auctions were challenging and fun. I also loved that no one was singled out or embarrassed. This was a great fit for our group.”

“Best team building event I've attended. The fact that there was problem solving was the key and that is what we do in our jobs everyday. Very enjoyable.”

“It was the most fun I've had at a team building event.”

“I really enjoyed this interactive, collaborative, and strategic activity.”

“Fun activity, allowed everyone to work together”


Thanks again!

Krista Sacrey

Eckler Ltd


Our session focused on inter-team communications, and Lynn did a great job in facilitating discussions and inter-active activities that helped to build employees’ understanding of one another’s’ preferences.  The “Conundrum Adventure” was the highlight, and brought together the learning on communication styles to life, in a fun and collaborative way.”

Karen Raciot

Sustainable Development Technology Canada


"We've struggled to find a team building event that would appeal to everyone on our very diverse team. Over the years we've tried several things, with varying degrees of success.  Running a Conundrum Adventure was a great solution!  The wide variety of puzzles included in the Adventure ensured that there was something for everyone.  Your program offered our team a fun opportunity to work with one another outside of the office and learn about ourselves, our colleagues and the value of teamwork. One request, please. Remember the puzzles you used with us this year - we'll want a different set when we do this next year."

Letizia Agostini

BMO Financial


"Our team thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get outside, explore Toronto, and work together to solve the challenging puzzles you put together for us.  Our Conundrum Adventure posed many of the same challenges that we face in our work environment - we needed to plan, strategize, prioritize, and definitely needed to use some creative thinking in order to be successful!  Thanks for running such a fun and well-organized event."

Corinne Buchanan, Business Manager



The Conundrum Adventure you ran for us was a very positive experience - both in the planning stages and the actual execution!  People on our team appreciated the professionalism with which the event was delivered and really enjoyed the opportunity to interact outside of the office, have fun and be challenged by the wide range of interesting puzzles (a.k.a. conundrums!) that the adventure provided us.

Marissa Lewis



I can't thank Conundrum enough for the session today. At the social event afterwards people continued to talk about what they had learned about themselves and each other. Some were quite moved by the day’s events...but in a very positive way. You have a real talent for facilitation. You created a safe, respectful and supportive space for the team members to explore their True Colours profiles...and the experience was made richer because of that.

Tino Corsetti

CSI Global Education


Our articling and summer students thought their Conundrum Adventure was fantastic!  They loved the challenge of the puzzles and felt that the event was a really unique way to get to know their colleagues better.  Thanks for running such a great event for us.” 

Halla Elias

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


“A very enjoyable and unique experience that broke down some barriers in our division.  The customized program that you put together for us served to get people from different business units working together and seeing each other in a new light outside of the office.  In fact, several weeks after the Conundrum adventure, people were still talking about it!” 

Carol Hood, General Manager 

Global Deposits & Payments, CIBC


Our group really enjoyed the competitiveness of the adventure; the questions challenged the team to work together as well as allowing them to have fun.  The addition of the Sirius specific content made it very interesting, overall an excellent event, vigorous and team focused, thanks again!

Stephanie Philips

Sirius Canada Inc.  


We had a lot of fun participating in our Conundrum Adventure and definitely learned a lot in the process.  The facilitated debrief following our Conundrum Adventure was thorough in its analysis of team behaviours. It offered a great opportunity for us to reflect on our team's performance and identify areas for improvement.

Stephen Wilson

Manager The Citadel Assurance


Our team thought the Conundrum Adventure event was great - it was original, challenging, creative and fun!  The fast pace of the program and the intelligent clues really held people's attention for the duration of the event.  As well, people loved the fact that it took place at the ROM, which is a terrific venue.  Thanks for delivering a memorable team event.

Sally Basmajian

Discovery Channel


"Conundrum Adventures provided a fun opportunity for us to get to know one another better and develop a more comfortable rapport.  The program was professional, the facilitation was excellent, and the Bata Shoe Museum made for a very unique venue.  All in all - a great day!"

Wendy Stanley

Direct Energy


Great organization and very inventive puzzles, the difficulty level was perfect! The overall event was very well received and we enjoy including it in our recruitment process as a unique way to allow our potential candidates and staff members an excellent opportunity to interact in a fun and very productive manner.

Adria Wu

Oliver Wyman


Our office had a wonderful experience with Conundrum Adventures at the ROM, as it offered an opportunity away from the typical professional development day, yet still allowed us to build upon a sense of team spirit.


I think we all came away learning something new, either about our colleagues or ourselves, and that we recognized and celebrated our abilities when it came to responding to puzzles and investigations under a time constraint!


Conundrum Adventures’ Host and Actors did an exemplary job in supporting our teams of clue finders. It was a delight coming together as a full group at the end of the session to review our findings, and to share our impressions of the day.


I would certainly consider Conundrum Adventures for our next Team Building Day!

Don Cheff

Fred Victor Employment & Training Services

In behalf of the team, I wanted to send you a big thank you for hosting the event.

It was so great to see everyone so engaged and I think your portion of integrating the additional team building components were so well received.

Thank you

Justyne Turczynska
Manager Digital Marketing | Canada Post