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Our goal for each and every Conundrum Adventure is to provide an exceptional event that will leave participants talking and benefiting from their shared experience long after the event has finished. How we deliver on this goal is what differentiates us; the heart of all our adventures is our unique brand of conundrums. What exactly is a conundrum?


conun'drum n. question made puzzling to test ingenuity;

an intricate and challenging problem


The diversity, ingenuity and originality of the conundrums we create allow us to deliver an exceptional event and give us the flexibility to deliver key team building benefits on many levels. We can deliver our core adventures in 3 programs, allowing us to customize both our adventure and facilitation to meet your specific needs.  


A self-diagnosed games addict, Matt started Conundrum on the advice (& begging) of his game-fatigued family and friends. Throughout his project-based career in marketing and his experience in coaching athletics, he has participated in both the tribulations and triumphs of team building efforts. His ability to create unique types of experiential learning activities derives from his creativity and a practical understanding of effective team behaviours and dynamics. Matt holds an HBA degree from the Ivey Business School and an MBA from the Schulich Business School.


Lynn has held executive positions at a variety of organizations. Prior to joining Conundrum, Lynn was VP Global Sourcing for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Throughout her career she has demonstrated the ability to lead and inspire teams to achieve excellent results. Lynn draws on her experience to effectively facilitate team discussions to find creative solutions to the most challenging problems. Lynn holds an HBA and an MBA degree from the Ivey Business School.



What can you expect as a meeting organizer when dealing with Conundrum? A coordination effort that is easy, convenient and professional. We will provide you with a concise and quick response to your initial inquiry. On the day of your Conundrum event, just show up and participate or leave the group in our capable hands and wait for the accolades.


Each event is unique and as your needs as meeting organizer vary, we are committed to understanding your unique event requirements and supporting them in every way possible.




Whether you are looking for an event for your team or researching as part of a committee, we understand event planning is probably not your day job. The good news is, it is our day job and we know just want it takes to deliver a great event. We have been delivering successful events for over 15 years so we have lots of collective knowledge that will ensure your event is professionally planned and delivered.


As a professional event planner we understand your ultimate goal is to provide a high quality, high value activity for your client to optimize their overall event.


We respect your client relationship and will provide you with all the information you need to present our adventures as part of your overall proposal to your clients.


Our adventures work with groups of all sizes, but we appreciate that large group team-building can pose certain challenges not always present with smaller group sizes. 


With our experience in running large group adventures, we know the key factors that will help make your Conundrum event an unqualified success!

The principals of Conundrum, Matt Casey and Lynn Ferguson-Pinet, have the extensive breadth of education, work experience and creativity required to build a great event for your team. 

We offer our adventures as stand alone activities or as part of more immersive learning program. Read on to find out which program is best for your group. 




Our core adventure is an exciting and entertaining game that allows participants of all ages to get to know one another better by solving conundrums, interacting with actors, and having fun.


If you are looking for a fun team activity to get participants interacting and getting to know each other better, our core adventure alone will fit the bill. It stands alone as 2-2.5 hours of fun and excitement and is the perfect choice for injecting energy into conferences, off-sites and quarterly meetings or for celebrating team success.


We offer 3 types of adventures; outdoor, indoor venue-based or indoor room-based (at your preferred meeting room).


Each of our adventures start with participants receiving a brief introduction to the event, followed by distribution of game kits.  Teams then spend approximately 2 hours working together in the pursuit of conundrum solutions and points. The fun continues as teams’ regroup and conundrum solutions are reviewed. Finally, amid much banter and lively discussion, cheers are offered to the winning team as they are rewarded for their victory. 

We customize our outdoor adventures to your preferred starting and ending location. If you are looking for a suitable finishing location (for either an outdoor event or venue based event) where we can review solutions and announce the winning team, have a look at this list of team building friendly establishments for each of our routes.



Augmenting the core adventure with a team debrief is a great way to keep the focus on having fun together but really taking advantage of the team learning that can be gleaned from the experience. This ½-day program amplifies the excitement of our core adventure, and delivers a more explicit focus on team behaviour, dynamics, and learning, in addition to developing team building skills for success.


The event starts with a brief discussion on the key dimensions of highly successful teams and asks each participant to reflect on their own individual strengths and challenges when working on a team. The adventure then becomes the experiential learning to see the theory of successful teams in action.


While on the adventure, teams will be presented with conundrums that are specifically designed to help foster collaboration and creative problem solving. The structure of our adventures will also demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of teamwork, engaging your team in planning, decision-making and time management, as well as emphasizing the importance of effective communication skills.


Conundrum facilitators conclude the event with a facilitated discussion, prompting participants to evaluate their team’s dynamics and contemplate what it takes to work effectively as a team, what it means to be a positive team contributor, and most importantly, how to apply this learning back to their work environments.

We customize the outdoor adventures to your preferred starting and ending location but if you are looking for a location to host your team for pre and post team discussion we have comprised a list of team building friendly establishments for each of our routes.









Combining our powerful personality assessment tool with the fun and experiential learning of a Conundrum Adventure, this dynamic program is an ideal vehicle for getting your team firing on all cylinders.


The benefits will be immediately apparent and powerfully sustainable as individuals develop an awareness of how their own characteristics influence their team's performance and how they can use that knowledge during their interaction with other team members to optimize team performance.


  • Prior to the session participants complete an online assessment (20 - 30 minutes) from which we generate personal profile reports.


  • At the outset of the session a Workplace Personalities workshop is delivered for 2 - 3 hours.


  • Teams then discuss the key values and strengths of each perspective, gaining an appreciation of their own character tendencies, and the diversity that exists within the group.


  • Teams then participate in a full Conundrum Adventure, experiencing team dynamics first hand.


  • Following the adventure, a debrief is conducted to highlight the session’s key learnings, and pull together the day’s activity into a cohesive message.

Both the workshop and the post adventure debrief need to be held in private meeting space, if you are looking for a location to host your team we have comprised a list of team building establishments for each of our routes.

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