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One of the key concerns potential Government clients have is understanding the procurement process.  Is Conundrum an "approved vendor to work with"  The short answer is YES!  But here are some key factors to understand:


1.  Is there a current Standing Offer for Team Building services?


One of the key elements of the government procurement process is to understand if there is a current "standing offer" for the service.  For team building services there is currently no standing offer on record at either the federal or provincial levels.  The primary reason there is no standing offer is that the expenditure on our services is almost always under the threshold of $25,000.  What this means is each government group is allowed to source their vendor of choice.  Click HERE to view the process on the website and scroll down to the section heading:  "Requirements below $25,000"

2.  Has Conundrum worked with previous government clients?


YES - we have delivered services at both the Federal and Provincial levels, here are some of the groups we have delivered services for:


Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Ministry of Community & Social Services, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, City of Calgary,  Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Government Services, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ministry of Research & Innovation, Ministry of Safety & Correctional Services, Ministry of the Attorney General, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transit Infrastructure, Ministry of Transportation


Is Conundrum a Registered Supplier?


YES - we are registered in the Supplier Registration Information (SRI) Service and can provide our Procurement Business Number upon request.


If you have any questions, please contact us to find out more.

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