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Are you looking for an event that provides a deeply rich and engaging experience for your team? Are you aware that there are millions of kids around the world that don't have access to safe & reliable lighting? Our Hour of Power+ program endeavours to create an event that accomplishes the former by helping solve the latter. 

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this engaging 90 minute hands-on program includes a team challenge, a compelling presentation on light poverty, assembly of a solar light by each participant, and a letter writing activity that connects them with the child that will receive that newly built light.


At the end of a session, the solar lights are returned to our provider SolarBuddy for quality assurance before embarking on the journey to children living in energy poverty.

Available for the first time in Canada!

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Families have an 80% reduction in kerosene expenditures per annum!

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Creates over 7,300 additional study hours!


Impacts the lives of 5 people living in energy poverty!


Equivalent of planting 21.3 trees!


The financial equivalent of 16 weeks of work

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