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Our signature quiz event, Hip to be Square, is a quick paced, entertaining affair that strives to emulate the appeal of a top notch pub-style trivia night. Teams of 4-5 colleagues work together in breakout rooms to solve a variety of intriguing questions.

But while the format might be familiar, take note that this is not your run-of-the mill trivia quiz! Questions range from amusing and light hearted to tricky and challenging. Categories like "In Between", and "Triple Threat" are designed to test not only collective team knowledge, but also team members' ability to think and collaborate. Others, like "Senior Moments" are intended to amuse and entertain.

The quiz is delivered via our phone app, and the experience is hosted via video conferencing software. A live event host will get people energized and preside over the event, which includes special quiz bonus rounds which bring all teams together.

With plenty of laughs, this challenge will create that feeling of unity without the need to actually be physically together.

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We all had a blast. It was very well organized, the teams had a lot of fun and everyone participated. My colleague mentioned it was the best team event ever. That sums it up nicely! Thanks team Conundrum

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If you're looking for a good virtual team building event, look no further. Awesome time!!!

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The Hip to be Square event was fun, engaging for everyone (and we have quite an age range), was energizing and a ton of fun.

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