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Workplace PERSONALITIES Workshop
Virtual Edition

Utilizing our powerful personality assessment tool, this dynamic program is an ideal vehicle for getting your team firing on all cylinders.

The benefits will be immediately apparent and powerfully sustainable as individuals develop an awareness of how their own characteristics influence their team's performance and how they can use that knowledge during their interaction with other team members to optimize team performance.

  • Prior to the session participants complete an online assessment (20 - 30 minutes) from which we generate personal profile reports.

  • Teams discuss the key values and strengths of each perspective, gaining an appreciation of their own character tendencies, and the diversity that exists within the group.

  • The workshop is  a 2 hour 30 minute activity and although for in person event, we often pair the workshop with an adventure, we recommend delivery in a virtual setting as a stand alone activity.

  • A virtual adventure can be paired with the workshop for a follow up date (ideally within a 30 day time span to maximize the benefits).

Working Remotely

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