As jurisdictions start the careful process of reopening, we are busy preparing for a return to in-person events. We will soon begin delivering our outdoor adventures when and where permitted under local guidelines. At least initially, these events will be exclusively mobile phone based adventures that allow participants to function as a team while maintaining social distancing guidelines. We will eventually use the same format with our indoor venue-based events, which we hope to resume later this year in consultation with our individual venue partners. 

In the meantime, we will continue to expand our virtual team building options, building on the success of our two current offerings, Hip to Be Square and Exit Plan. While not a perfect substitute for in-person adventures, our virtual events can still boost morale and help build a sense of community within your team. Our focus on shorter game times, opportunities for small group collaboration, and professional hosting all contribute to a fun team experience that makes booking a virtual event a worthwhile endeavor. 


Team building is at the heart of all our corporate adventures. But how apparent that is to participants is up to you. Whether you are organizing a fun social gathering or looking for an in-depth team assessment, we can provide an event experience that will achieve your objectives. 

Our goal for each and every Conundrum Adventure is to provide a fun event that will leave participants talking, laughing, debating, and cheering.  For over 17 years, our clients have constantly described our adventures as clever, diverse, professional, challenging, and of course, a lot of fun.


We promise that planning and executing your Conundrum experience will be easy, cordial and professional. But that can be our secret....we want you to receive all the accolades that come from organizing a fun and successful event!

CONUN'DRUM n. question made puzzling to test ingenuity; an intricate and challenging problem.



We make building a great team event as easy as possible.

Just provide us with a few key details and let us handle the rest!




Where is your event taking place? We offer a variety of options in each location.  In many cases we can customize starting & finishing points for your chosen adventure route.



Do you want to embrace the elements with a dynamic outdoor event, or do you want to stay indoors & explore a venue? We can also bring an adventure to your office or meeting place.




Would your team rather “unplug” with one of our tried and true pen & paper based adventures or try out one of our new interactive iPad versions?  We can help you decide which would be best suited for your team.




How long is the event you are planning? We offer a full spectrum of events, from a fun social interaction for the group (2.5 hours) to a full day deep learning workshop.




Bring remote employees together with our interactive, game-sharing experiences. We have recently doubled our virtual team building offering.  See the latest additions to our suite of products; Manor House Murder and The PITCH. 

Each of our virtual team activities facilitate team interaction through a combination of a live video stream and our award-winning app. 


Our Virtual Team Building solutions  help your team maintain important social connections that are vital to maintain while people are physically apart.



We also know that communicating with your team in general during these times can be challenging so we have adapted our base offering to allow for custom branding and content.  Contact us to find out how we can best support your objectives.   

Conundrum Adventures Virtual Team Buildi





The Conundrum Team are amazing. Conundrum Adventures recently ran a virtual team building event for 150 students for us and the students loved the experience. They were able to have some fun while getting to know their teams. Moving this type of event online takes a lot of work and coordination. The Conundrum team made it happen! With their dedication and planning, they thought of every step and it was executed seamlessly. Thank you!.


University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management, May 2020






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The current challenge – keeping employees engaged and connected while working remotely.  As organization adapt to conducting the business of work in new ways, we wanted to provide an overview of the options available for Virtual Team Building. The reasons companies have always invested in Team Building have never been more valid, we just need to adapt and deliver on those key benefits in a remote working environment.  The review of selecting the right vendor parallels that of traditional team building.  The options are as follows:

DIY – there are many options available with a quick online search for “virtual team building activities”, “online team building games”, “remote team building” or “team building for virtual teams”.  Many of these activities focus on quick tips on how to connect with remote workers and simple exercises to help ease into a video conference call.  These can be great options to utilize on an ongoing basis and are often low or no cost. But as is the case for in person team building the quality of the activity is highly dependent on the person challenged with the task and the time, they have available to prepare and deliver.  


Cafeteria style provider – Hiring an organization that delivers a full breadth of services can also provide choice, however in our experience they lack the depth and quality of a specialized team building company that builds quality interaction into each activity.


Niche provider – Conundrum Adventures is a niche provider of high-quality virtual team building.  We have taken our expertise in face to face events and adapted it to deliver a unique experience for your team. We are also part of a global alliance of team building organizations that collaborate on content and infrastructure. This allows us to deliver our events using tried and tested technology. We are confident we can provide a great virtual team building event for your remote workers.


The Conundrum Difference-A Primer on Selecting the Right “Scavenger Hunt” Vendor


You’re looking at organizing a Toronto team building event for your team or a Virtual Team Event for staff working remotely.  The good news: you have a lot of good options from which to choose. The bad news: you have to choose between them. The first step is to decide which type of activity will appeal most to your group and achieve the objectives you’ve set for your event.


If you figure a “scavenger hunt” or "amazing race" type event will suit your purpose, we would like to help simplify your decision on how to proceed. Essentially, here are the 3 options you have when organizing your event:


1.  DIY – You can assign someone at your company to create a “homemade” scavenger hunt. This can be a good choice if your company has little or no budget with which to work. The downside is that its quality will be dependent on the person(s) assigned to create it and the actual time they have available to put it together. In most cases, you can expect a fairly standard hunt that will closely resemble other DIY hunts participants have done in the past. It may turn out to be fun, but won’t have any special teambuilding focus beyond getting people out together.


2.  Cafeteria-style provider – You can hire a “general” Toronto team building company to run your hunt. By “general” we mean companies that offer myriad types of teambuilding programs (scavenger hunts, picnics, corporate Olympics, cooking events, etc.) If choice is your main criteria, then this is the place to shop; however, just be aware that, as with anything, the more varieties on offer, the less quality you tend to get with each offer. When you’ve decided a scavenger hunt type event is the route you want to go, these types of providers may not prove to be the best choice. Their hunt event may still be fun or well-run, but from our experience, they do not compare to the experience provided by companies who specialize in one type of event.


3.  Niche provider – You can hire a company who focuses on the type of event you’d like to plan for your team. For scavenger hunt/amazing race/puzzle based events, Conundrum Adventures is that type of company. Unfortunately, when comparing “scavenger hunt” quotes from different vendors, many clients treat the product as a commodity, and instead of recognizing the unique aspects of various offerings, focus only on price or other secondary factors. In fact, the quality, type, and format of these events can vary widely. By focusing on one type of teambuilding activity, we are able to provide an experience that is unique, meticulously thought out, professionally organized and executed, and competitively priced.


How do we know our hunts are unique? Well almost everyone has been part of a “scavenger hunt” at some point. We prefer to call our hunts “urban adventures”, as they are not scavenger hunts in the traditional sense of the term. In 16 years of hunts, we have never had a participant say anything remotely similar to “I’ve done that before” (unless of course, we are talking about a repeat client!). The reason is simple: we spend more time and energy developing our “scavenger hunts” than any other Toronto team building company. We don’t just spend a few hours scouting city puzzle locations and developing our specialized puzzles - we spend days, weeks, and months. It’s what we do, and considering the feedback we get from clients, we seem to be pretty good at it.


Each event we run is planned in detail. We do not use a boilerplate formula for our events. From starting point to finish location and everything in between, every event is well thought out and tailored to deliver the best client experience possible – not just for the group as a whole – but for each individual participant.  When we see hunts conducted with teams of 10 members or more we shudder – that might be convenient and cost effective for the hunt provider, but it ignores the right of every participant to be involved and active with their team in a meaningful way.  


When your staff arrives at a Conundrum event, they are not greeted by a part-time student host, but rather one of the Principles of the company. It enables us to stay close to our product, to learn from our participants, to deliver a professional event, and to put our very best foot forward to ensure a great experience for our clients.   


Even with all of these advantages, we recognize that price is often an important consideration in the vendor selection process. That’s why we ensure that our pricing is competitive with other vendors – both “cafeteria style” and other “niche” competitors. This way, we ensure our clients are getting great value for their teambuilding budget.


If you’re considering getting your team together for a fun scavenger hunt type event (with or without an overt teambuilding focus), we hope you take these considerations into account and take a few moments on our site to learn about our offerings. We’d love a chance to show you firsthand how The Conundrum Difference can benefit your team.