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Ready for a great team building adventure, but not in the great outdoors? Then choose a route contained within the comfy confines of Toronto’s most dynamic venues.  If your group is already located at a specific meeting location we have options that are mobile and can be delivered at your meeting site.

Instead of navigating city streets, your team will explore the galleries of the ROM, AGO, OSC, or Bata Shoe Museum. 


Not only will your team get to solve conundrums in a perfect climate, but they’ll get to explore these venues and their enlightening exhibits in a unique and entertaining way. 

Want to host your event within the confines     of your office, or at a location not covered by our other adventures?  We can bring the Conundrum experience to you with our Level Up, Exit Plan, MapDash Art -Based or Hour of Power+ adventures.  

These adventures are a great choice when logistics don't allow for getting out of the office or your Conference location for a day. 

Choose your preferred adventure...


Venue Based
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