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Team Building Skills – #1 – Learn to Listen more and Talk less

During our team building events, we review key dimensions of successful teams. Additionally, we ask individuals to reflect on their own team skills. The number one area that people self report they need to improve is: to become better listeners.

A key part of becoming a better listener is to stop yourself from needing to be the first one to talk. It is definitely a personality preference to be able to talk first and also be comfortable talking over others, but like anything, it’s the extremes that are the problem.

If you would like to improve your team skills and find yourself often being the first person to voice their opinion in a group setting, then make a conscious effort to hold back a little during your next few team discussions. Let people know you are working on this skill and they can give you feedback on how you are doing.

To be a better team player I’m not asking you to change who you are, just be more aware of

operating at one end of the spectrum when it comes to talking first versus listening first.


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